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Dedicated to helping you Do More by Moving Better.

At Optimal Wellness, we take pride in offering several therapies aimed at helping you enhance the way you live your life. Our therapies help individuals overcome chronic pain, a stressful lifestyle, and also recover from injuries.



As a first step, we evaluate each joint to better understand the root cause of your pain or restricted movement.


As a part of our process, we apply several soft tissue mobilization techniques to help alleviate the symptoms caused by your pain.


Your treatment is only a success when the pain stays away, which is why your therapist will put into action a plan to help you feel your best in the long term.

Move well, Be well, do more


Massage and Movement Therapy

At Optimal Wellness, we’re a team of massage and movement specialists dedicated to helping you employ our unique therapies to help you achieve peak wellness. We further formulate a wellness plan to cater to your long term requirements, A pain-free life awaits!

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Acupuncture + Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Optimal Wellness team of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use a variety of different treatment therapies including: Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture or E-Stim, Infrared heat therapy, Gua Sha Chinese Herbal Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique.

In Home Massage

Imagine getting a massage from the comfort of your home or office Optimal Wellness is just a click away! Our massage therapists can be where you need us to be in no time.

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Are you ready to live pain free?