3 Benefits of Consistent Massage Therapy

A massage on your birthday, anniversary, or as a gift is a great way to celebrate and a special treat for many people. Did you know that consistent massage therapy sessions weekly or monthly can optimize your well-being from head to toe? 

Today, even health insurance companies and other organizations will now cover massage costs as part of your health savings account (HSA). Companies recognize how necessary massage can be for supporting a healthy lifestyle. 

What are the Benefits of a Massage?

Massage therapy includes the word therapy for a reason – one session might leave you feeling great. Still, the consistency of repeated massage therapy sessions can result in many benefits for your muscles, joints, and overall well-being over a long-term period.

Your muscles can benefit tremendously from massage to help relieve muscle areas that cause tightness, pain, and strain. Massage therapy can help keep your body feeling and functioning at its best. However, for your muscles to feel the benefits of massage, maintaining a consistent schedule can make a world of difference.

What are the 3 Major Benefits of Frequent Massage Therapy?

Professionals say that massage therapy has many incredible benefits that can be twice as effective if massages are regularly built into your schedule. There are many powerful benefits that frequent massage therapy can do for you and your overall wellness. Some of the significant benefits of consistent massage include improved muscle memory, better posture, increased circulation, lower blood pressure, a better quality of sleep, and reduced fatigue. 

1. Improve Muscle Memory and Posture 

Just like you exercise to build strength, your body must build relaxation muscles to maximize positive effects. Massage therapy regularly can relieve aches and pains in the closet. During a massage session, your nervous system reacts, releasing the tension, allowing you to experience physical peace of mind. Regular massage can decrease the wear and tear on your internal organs, relieve tight muscles, and improve your muscle memory. 

In today’s digital world of desk jobs and computer dependence, it is vital for you to receive massage on a regular basis. We spend too much time sitting at a desk hunched over a keyboard. Unfortunately, our office jobs with constant sitting can lead to shortened and overworked muscles in both your chest and core. This issue along why massage therapy can be very beneficial for improving your posture, which in turn helps to alleviate your constant aches and pains within your muscle groups.

2. Increase Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure 

Your lymphatic system is a significant part of your body’s immune system, which is critical for maintaining a healthy body. During a massage therapy session, the pressure applied to the muscles improves circulation, allowing blood to move through unhealthy areas of your body. Massage techniques improve your lymph fluid circulation and carry away metabolic waste in your body away from your vital organs and muscles. 

High blood pressure can increase your risk of a cardiac issue, such as a heart attack or stroke. Frequent massage therapy sessions can help reduce your blood pressure levels. Studies have shown that massage therapy can decrease both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure numbers. Regular massage therapy can be a great addition to your overall health to help manage your hypertension over time potentially. 

3. Enhance Quality of Sleep and Reduce Fatigue

Over time, stress and tension can produce unhealthy levels of hormones, cortisol, in the body. Cortisol is a hormone in your body that regulates a wide range of processes, including metabolism and your immune response. High cortisol levels in the body can cause sleeplessness, among a host of other issues. Regular massage therapy can help lower the cortisol levels in your body. 

Regular massage therapy can also help with chronic fatigue. Massage promotes muscle and nerve relaxation in your body. Massage therapy can calm, relax, and soothe your body, especially if you are in pain and under stress. Consistent massage therapy doesn’t directly increase energy, but it can often decrease the symptoms that sap your energy, resulting in you feeling better over time. 

What is a Consistent Schedule for Massage Therapy?

This is a common question that gets asked by anyone that books massage therapy sessions. The answer is, it depends on a variety of factors. Some factors that can play a part when booking regular massage sessions include your level of physical activity, stress levels, and the need for physical or mental recovery. You can usually address these factors with your massage therapist to bests assess a treatment plan that could make an essential difference for your overall health. 

If you are dealing with muscle tension or chronic pain, many massage therapists would suggest weekly massage sessions until you begin to notice consistent relief from the pain and stress. After that, many therapists would suggest bi-weekly to monthly sessions to help manage your pain. If you wait too long between sessions when dealing with chronic pain, unfortunately, you are putting your body back into a state of dysfunction. You may require several sessions to get back on track if you don’t have a regular massage schedule. 

If you are an athlete that uses your muscles more aggressively than the average person, regular massages may be vital for your athletic performance. Regular massage therapy is vital, especially if you are regularly performing in athletic competitions. Frequent massage sessions elongate tight muscles and improve your flexibility. 

If you wish to attain athletic peak performance, your body will benefit from a regime of deep tissue or sports massage. A massage therapist can help you decide which type of massage and how many sessions are optimal for your athletic activities. 

If you use massage as a way to reduce tension general stress, ideally, monthly massage sessions are the best way to keep your body balanced. Typically hour-long massages on a monthly basis can be beneficial if you would like to focus on a specific problem area. Your massage therapist can help you address the right length of time for a massage session and what type of session is best for your wellness needs.

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