Acupuncture + Traditional Chinese Medicine


Looking for an Acupuncturist or Chinese Herbalist?

Our treatments are customized to your individualized needs to provide you with safe and highly effective treatments. Our practitioners treat a wide variety of ailments including: musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others) to nausea, migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and infertility.

The Optimal Wellness team of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use a variety of different treatment therapies including: Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture or E-Stim, Infrared heat therapy, Gua Sha Chinese Herbal Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique.


The practitioner inserts 5 or more hair-thin, sterile needles into specific points on the body that correspond to energy pathways, or meridians. This stimulation of the meridians relieves blockages that contribute to the symptoms of illness and chronic medical conditions. Acupuncture is a safe, pain-free way to treat a variety of physical ailments, from back pain to allergies, asthma, and weight gain.

Electroacupuncture or E-Stim:

To increase the effectiveness of our acupuncture treatments, your practitioner may add a very light electrical current on the ends of acupuncture needles which causes an increased concentration of energy and enables deeper tissue penetration and quicker perceived relief from symptoms without any additional side-effects.

Infrared heat therapy:

Infrared heat lamps are used during sessions to keep our patients warm and comfortable as well as for their healing properties. Far-infrared rays penetrate into the deep tissues of your body and promote healing without any negative side effects. There have been many studies confirming how beneficial this form of therapy can be – increased circulation rates, decreased inflammation; relaxation of tense muscle groups including neck & shoulder areas where pain often originates from.


Cupping is a Chinese healing technique that has been used for centuries to help improve the flow of blood and unlock tension. The vacuum created on your skin will increase nutrient delivery, nourish tissues with increased moisture as well ease pain from various sources like muscle aches or headaches by reducing inflammation in those areas

Gua Sha:

Gua sha is used to alleviate pain, help circulation and improve blood flow. The tools come in different shapes with the most popular being smooth or callus-free stones that can be used to help alleviate chronic pain symptoms.

Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments, from eczema and acne to stress and emotional disturbances, menstrual irregularities, the enhancement of fertility, and much more. Our practitioners use blends that are specifically formulated with 20+ years knowledge behind them so you can experience the benefits without any side effects!

Emotional Freedom Technique:

The Emotional Freedom Technique, known as “EFT,” is a type of energy work which involves tapping certain acupuncture points for the relief of both physical and emotional symptoms.

This technique is based on the same theory as acupuncture which believes that blockages along certain energy pathways, or “meridians,” can lead to imbalances in the body and mind. Rather than needles, repeated tapping of points is performed on the points.
EFT is particularly well known for relieving allergies, psychological phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, headaches and other pain situations. During a session, a complaint will be identified to focus on then the practitioner leads the client through the tapping sequence. Relief is often felt from the first session though a series of treatments, or tapping on oneself at home, may be needed for lasting results.

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