Functional Nutrition Services

Discover Optimal Health with Functional Nutrition

Unlock the power of personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions to enhance your well-being. Our Functional Nutrition services focus on addressing the root causes of chronic illness and symptoms, helping you achieve optimal health and vitality.

Evidence-based Functional Nutrition

Trust in evidence-based strategies, grounded in scientific research and clinical studies, to support your health and healing journey. Our recommendations are proven to improve health outcomes.
Functional Nutrition Services | Personalized Nutrition Plans


Nu Start

This 45-minute session is a good place to learn more about functional nutrition and how it can benefit you. Nu Start is for people looking to optimize wellness and/or to focus on one chronic health concern. Follow up with 30- or 60-minute sessions as needed.


  • A review of your medical history, nutrition habits, and wellness goals.
  • Several personalized dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.
  • Includes access to FullScript to purchase supplements at a discounted rate.
  • May include laboratory suggestions (lab costs not included).
  • Two quick-answer post session portal Q&As.
Nu Comprehensive

Commit to making meaningful, in-depth nutrition and lifestyle changes starting with a 75-minute session followed by a 20 to 30-minute follow up session within 14 days. Best for those with several chronic and/or more complicated health concerns.


  • A detailed review of your intake form, labs from your primary care physician and/or specialists, medical history, nutrition habits, supplement and medication use, and lifestyle habits and factors. (Requires intake and medical history information forms at least 48 hours prior to session).
  • 75-minute in-person/telehealth session to answer questions, discuss health concerns, short- and long-term goals, and formulate an initial plan of action.
  • Post initial session comprehensive protocol includes specific dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations.
  • 20 to 30-minute follow-up session to review plan of action and address any questions/concerns.
  • Includes access to FullScript to purchase supplements at a discounted rate.
  • Includes laboratory recommendations and my time to set up order (lab costs not included).
  • Quick/short-answer post session portal Q&As.
Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions to monitor progress include laboratory reviews, plan adjustments, updates, and continued support via the client portal.

  • 30-minutes: $75
  • 60-minutes: $135 (for laboratory reviews and/or significant plan adjustments)


Transform Your Health with a Personalized Functional Nutrition Plan

Our Functional Nutrition services include

Comprehensive health assessments

Tailored to your goals and concerns.

Customized nutrition plans:

Personalized to your medical history, lifestyle, and food preferences.

Support for various health conditions:

Expert guidance on autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, weight management, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular health, and more. Specialized nutrition for athletes and those seeking an enhanced quality of life.

Meal Planning and Recipe Development:

Nutrient-rich recipes aligned with your preferences and lifestyle.

Lifestyle Support:

Recommendations for exercise, toxin reduction, sleep improvement, and stress management.

Ongoing support and check-ins:

Ensuring your progress and making necessary plan adjustments. Our skilled functional nutrition practitioners employ a science-based approach, staying current with the latest research in functional medicine and nutrition.
Functional Nutrition Services

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