Massage and Movement Sessions


Manual and movement therapies that work in tandem .

Our specialists are equipped with the knowledge and techniques to help heal a wide range of ailments including:

Pain Relief Massage Therapy Services in Berkshires | Optimal Wellness
Optimal Wellness’s skilled massage and mobility specialists can treat members and non-members in a variety of wellness offerings. These include pain management treatments, sports massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Intra-Oral massage, pre-natal massage, private mobility training, and myofascial decompression therapy (cupping therapy).


Recommended for first time clients

New Client Session

Optimal Wellness Movement Assessment Services

Our new client session includes a 30 min Optimal Movement Assessment and a 60 Min Pain Management Massage Session. After your therapist conducts the movement assessment you will receive a 60 min Pain Management Massage treatment. Each session is customized based on your needs and level of pain. You will also receive a series of exercises that are specific to your issue.

90 Minutes: $200


Optimal Pain Management Massage Sessions

Unlike full-body sessions, these are dedicated to uncovering the root causes of the problem. One of our therapists will design the session based on your needs and level of pain. After your appointment, you can expect to receive a set of exercises to help keep the pain at bay.


*We highly recommend scheduling an Optimal Movement Assessment before your first appointment.

60 Minutes : $150

90 Minutes : $200


Deep Tissue Massage Therapists | Optimal Recovery Massage Therapy

This is one of our flagship treatments that blends techniques such as Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy for a no-stone left unturned, fully integrated recovery session. 

60 Minutes : $110

90 Minutes : $145

Optimal Movement Therapy

Mobility Coaching Services

By spending 60 minutes working 1-1 with one of our Mobility Specialists, you’ll be able to increase joint health, increase strength and improve flexibility and mobility. Once you receive access to the myriad of different exercises you can carry out with little to no equipment, your life will promise to change for the better! 


*We highly recommend scheduling a New Client Session before your first Movement Therapy appointment.

60 Minutes : $150