Onsite Corporate Chair Massage and Mobility Classes

Optimal Wellness offers on-site therapeutic massage treatments at your office. Our therapists can provide your business with chair massage, clothed table massage & group mobility classes to corporate facilities around the front range. Our massage therapists have an advanced level of training to help provide the highest level of service to your employees. This is a great opportunity for your employees to focus on self care for a shot period of time while on the job.

A posture analysis and 30 min massage treatment offered during your employees break is a great way for them to take care of themselves and address common pain issues without having to leave the office. This self care will help them stay relaxed, pain free and motivated. Employees will have the option to choose a session that is designed specifically to help manage stress levels or they may want to focus on specific treatment of common pain conditions. Per your employees request, our massage therapist will focus on common pain conditions like the neck pain, tension headaches, shoulder pain, low back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome and give them a home exercise plan. Posture screens and treatments are documented after each session so we can track progress and create a home exercise plan to help further your progress into living a pain free life.

Mobility classes will help further your employees progress and educate them on how to help manage their pain on themselves. These classes are specifically designed to help reduce common overuse injuries found in the workplace