At Optimal Wellness, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your wellness goals, whether you’re a high-performing athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone seeking pain relief. Our dedicated team of therapists listens carefully to your needs and creates a personalized plan to get you feeling your best.


Hear what our clients are saying about their experiences at Optimal Wellness:

So, I drove back to Florida last weekend. I took Michele's advice to prop up my arm. I don't have an armrest in my car and I have to shift, so I engaged Snoopy to help. (see attached). He worked great! Today I went to my PT (I've been seeing him since early March). He read through the summary Michele put together and was very impressed...At the end of our session, he did his measurements and I broke all previous records for ROM (except reaching across my chest which is still frustrating). He said "who is this woman" because it was obvious that my sessions had been productive. Thank you so much!

Jacob is a fabulous massage therapist! Highly recommended ❤️

Wonderful 90 minute massage with a caring and skilled therapist.

Wonderful massage, cozy atmosphere and very comfortable room, a great experience!

I have worked with Jake, Sara and Elaine at Optimal Wellness since January 2024. My advice is: Book the appointment and get started with this group. This place has completely changed my approach - for the best- to recovering from a 2 year old knee surgery. I plan to work with this group for a very long time ! Since my first session in January with Jake, my mobility, flexibility, strength and pain management have all improved exponentially. My knee flare ups no longer sideline me for a few days after a hike or jog. I am returning to running safely with Jake’s knowledge and guidance. He gives me different exercises to incorporate into my training. He knows what he’s talking about and what he’s doing ! I can’t say enough about how smart he is. I wished I had started working with him 2 years ago, but I am loving the process of making up for the lost time at Optimal Wellness. Sara’s yin yoga classes are a complete escape into a calming, relaxing space for the hour of class. Her calming energy is palpable and I felt great for days after the long held poses. She helps you settle in for a deeper stretch by offering to assist with touch if you’d like. I just had a massage with Elaine the other day- she has superior knowledge of the body and how the fascia, muscles and ligaments all work together. We worked together during the massage which was a really cool experience. She would guide me through certain movements while she applied pressure and I could literally feel the tension release in real time. She also took the time at the end of the session to show me a few things I can do at home with easy to find props. This place is a haven for pain management, and mobility improvement and as we know, those things combined help to improve your mood, soul and mind. I am so happy I found this place and forever grateful for their services. Thank you Optimal Wellness !

Michele...I am putting you in my will. I can see the ceiling again, Thank you.

Optimal Wellness is a GAME CHANGER in the Berkshires and beyond. Jake and his team are absolute pros. I can't recommend working with them enough. I've had the honor and pleasure of working with Jake for the last year, and it's impossible to put into words what a special practitioner Jake is. His knowledge of the body and mobility is unparalleled. Whatever your goals are, from increased mobility, to strength, or just a pure relaxation massage - Jake will help get you there. He is a true maestro of body + movement, and his practice in the Berkshires is a game changer for those of us that live in the region, or for those that come to visit. Get yourself in for a session with Jake, or one of the very talented practitioners he has working with him. You won't be disappointed! Also - by far the nicest, cleanest, most professional massage/mobility space in the region. A real joy to visit their beautiful studio.

First time ! Great space and my yin instructor was amazing … definitely will be back !

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