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Optimal Massage Therapy for Sciatica | SI Joint Dysfunction Treatment

Leg pain caused by sitting for a long time is a classic symptom of sciatica. This pain is usually chronic and gets worse with time, thus making it necessary to find a solution for it as soon as possible. Massage Therapy can provide fast Sciatica Pain Relief.

Massage Therapy & Movement Therapy Can Help!

And that’s what we do at Optimal Wellness; with significant experience treating sciatica. Our experts can help overcome this taxing condition to ensure that it never comes back and you find long-term relief.

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Causes of Sciatica/ SI Joint Dysfunction

Pain that starts in the lower back region and travels down through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve that then travels down the back of each leg is commonly known as sciatica. While pain is the most common symptom, it is not unusual to experience numbness, weakness, and tingling.

Common causes of Sciatica

Piriformis syndrome

One of the 2 most common causes of sciatica, Piriformis syndrome is a condition whose symptoms include pain. This is often due to spasms in the piriformis muscle which is located in the lower hip region The muscle can also irritate and put pressure on the nearby sciatic nerve and cause pain, numbness, and tingling along the back of the leg and into the foot (similar to sciatic pain).

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

The other common cause of the 2 is Dysfunction in the sacroiliac joint, or SI joint. The resulting leg pain can be particularly defined as dull numbness to sharp shooting pain. When the SI joint becomes unstable due to over or under movement, the body signals pain. This pain is usually felt in the lower back and/or hip region. It may also radiate into the groin area.


Too little movement (hypomobility or fixation) can also result in pain commonly felt down the left side – back, buttocks, and leg. In this case, the SI joint becomes locked down and the lumbar spine loses range of motion.


This is how our therapies can help prevent or eliminate Sciatica:

  • Stabilizing muscles around the hip region
  • Increase joint working space and control
  • Restore healthy tissue quality in both muscle and fascia

Massage & Movement Therapy can provide sciatica pain relief by:

  • Stabilizing muscles around the hip region
  • Increase joint working space and control
  • Restore healthy tissue quality in both muscle and fascia

Why Choose Optimal Wellness?

Our specialists are here to help in any way possible. How we stand out is with our proprietary assessment procedure that targets the root cause of sciatica. By analyzing movement patterns, we can deliver a routine that can be followed from the comfort of your home for long-lasting relief!